130410 – Sandbag Loading and Jackie-esque

Swim Club!

Swim Club!

Nicole - Swim Club!

Nicole – Swim Club!

A. Groovin’ On Warmup
500M row x1, Then 2 rounds of 5x Good Mornings, Back Squats, Press; with empty bar, then add 10-20lb

B. By Request: Sandbag Loading 3-2-1-1-1
*Squat racks set to #6 hole for men, #4 hole for women
Compare to 120215.

C. “Jackie-Esque” For time:
1000m Row
50 Push Press 65/45lb
30 Burpees – jumping onto 25lb plate

D. Mobility = Plow, Psoas stretch (Samson stretch, reaching up to pullup bar behind you), Ballerina (leg up on GHD)

Post loads for Sandbag Loading and time for Jackie-esque to comments.

WLC: The Whole Life Challenge wraps up this week! We’ll be doing measuring and re-testing this Friday. Make sure you attend if you are in the challenge, as results have to be entered by Saturday! It would be best to rest Thursday if you are re-testing Friday. Please email Keenan with any questions at keenan@crossfitregina.com.

Article: “10 Things I Learned at the Open” by CrossFit Lisbeth

7 thoughts on “130410 – Sandbag Loading and Jackie-esque

  1. Hey everyone,
    I will be putting in a skipping rope order this weekend. Please let me know as soon as you can if you want one and what you want. Visit rxjumpropes.com to see the sizing charts and all styes of ropes.


  2. Come on, you have to love sandbag loading: the rug burns and bruises on your arms, the near decapitations with the bag straps catching on our heads, the dirt and smell all over our expensive yoga apparel, pinching your fingers between the bag and the metal bar, etc etc… :)

    B: 100-110-120-130 PR – 135 PR – 140 Fail Curse you 5 pound weight!

    C: Ubered with 65# push presses…12:46 min. (Presses done in sets of 10 mostly, burpees brutal and then I just did the last 12 without a break and nearly died)

    Feeling strong is the new sexy. And very cute pic Nikki.

  3. Sandbag loading: 200#. Attempted 220# but that was a no go.
    Jackie-esque: 7:31 rx’d

  4. Fun times training with Lyra and Lance at 10:30.
    Sandbag loading 120-130-140# (150F)
    Jackie-esque rx’d *9:51, Lyra beat me by 3 burpees, gotta get faster at burpees.