110801 – Power Snatch and Wall Ball Annie


A. Power Snatch 3-2-1-1-1

B. “Wall Ball Annie”
50 Double Unders/50 Wallball
40 Double Unders/40 Wallball
30 Double Unders/30 Wallball
20 Double Unders/20 Wallball
10 Double Unders/10 Wallball

C. MWOD69 – Triple Extension help / skipping help
1. standing, roll bottom of foot on tennis ball, 30 seconds per side
2. “anterior tib” on knees, sit bum onto feet, roll around on tops of feet with knees in air, 1 minute
3. lunge, back foot pointed and flat, push front knee out, 1 minute per side
TOTAL 4 minutes; Try bouncing again (i.e. skipping); Does it feel different?

Post loads for Power Snatch and time for Wall Ball Annie to comments.

AUGUST THEME = Seattle Skill Levels! Print the chart HERE and decide which level you want to work towards. Work on skill work during your warm-up or post wod.

TODAY: Holiday Monday workout times are 10am (FULL), 11am, 4pm and 5pm. TEENS are at 1pm.

OLY CLUB: We are kicking off Oly Club tonight at 6pm with testing our maxes in Snatch and Clean & Jerk. ANYONE can come, even if you’ve never done your maxes before, and even if you’re new to CrossFit. This is the perfect time to join and learn the form on the oly lifts. After today, Oly Club will be held Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm (or any day at 10:30am during Open Time). If you want to come 1x/week, come Wed or Thurs (they will be the same format). If you want to come 2x/week, come Mon/Wed or Mon/Thurs. Questions? Email Robin at crossfitregina@gmail.com.

FOUNDATIONS: There are 3 series of Foundation Classes in August. To sign up, email Mandy at info@crossfitregina.com. Fall Classes coming soon.

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110731 – Sunday = Canadian Crippler

Handstands at the Windmill

“Canadian Crippler”
30 Chin over bar Pull-ups
15 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
400m run
30 Chest to floor Push-ups
15 Push Press or Jerk (135/85lbs)
30 Squats
15 Front squat (135/85lbs)
400m run
15 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
30 Chin over bar Pull-ups

Coaches notes: Not for time. Focus on form rather than speed. Compare to 100802.

Picture = Robin and Braxton

Monday is a holiday. Here is what is happening at CFR:
10am and 11am group workout times
1:00 Teen class
4pm and 5pm group workout times
6pm Kick off to August Oly Club! Will be doing max snatch and max C&J, to find out what percentages to workout with. Anyone welcome, even if you’ve never done a max before! This is the best time to start.

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110729 – Row/Jump/PU, Sled Drag Suicides

A. 3 rounds, not for time
750M Row (may do 600M run)
30 Jump Squats
30 Push-ups

B. Sled Drag Suicides 3 rounds
Men-80lb, Women-55lb
20M, 40M, 60M
Recover as needed between rounds.

MWOD = any you missed this week!

Post experiences to comments.

Coaches Notes: As there is no timer for today’s work, aim for perfect execution and efficiency. The jumping squats are normal squats except that you accelerate so that you jump out of bottom position. There is no required height indicated. The sled drag suicides involve taking the loaded sled to the 10M line and back to start, immediately going to 20M line and back, followed by going to the 30M line and back. Partner up, take turns, recover as needed. Push hard, you get out what you put into it.
Film Friday: We couldn’t decide which one to post, so you get TWO highlights from this week!
Kelly Back Squats 200lb x 5 reps … and Thomas masters the Shoulder Touches.
The CrossFit Games start TODAY. We will be streaming live at CFR all weekend! The games are scheduled to run Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday 8am to 9pm and Sunday 8am to 4pm. Stop by any time and bring popcorn or whatever else you need.
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110728 – Shoulder Press, Deadlift, KB circuit

A. Shoulder Press 5-5-5

B. Deadlift 1 set of 5
C. Kettlebell Complex 3 rounds, choose KB weight
Right side KB Clean&Jerkx3, KB Cleanx3, Rack carry across gym and back, 6 Box Jump 20″ (must step down)
Repeat Left side.
Post loads for Press and Deadlift, and experience for KB complex to comments.

MWOD#67 = OHS and Ring Dip (We are doing #1, 2 and 4) 2 MINUTES EACH:
1) Bottom Squat, elbows push knees out, lift hips up and down, take some steps forward and back
2) Side lunge, shift shin vertical, switch to other side, keeping hips as low as you can (mod = walk hands over)
4) Standing tall, arms reaching behind you to grab bar on rack, keep shoulders back, sink hips

The CrossFit Games start this Friday morning. We will be streaming live at CFR all weekend! Kurt has graciously offered us his projector, and Shae has offered his supervision all weekend long! The games are scheduled to run Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday 8am to 9pm and Sunday 8am to 4pm. Feel free to bring popcorn or whatever else you need! And did you know the first event will start with an OCEAN SWIM?! Check out the details HERE.

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110727 – Gymnastics Day

A. Weighted Pull-ups 5-5-5

B. “Head Over Heels” not for time
12 Handstand Push-ups
10 Wall Span Shuffles
8 Shoulder Touches
6 Inverted Toes to Floor
C. Leg Pistol Practice – 30 Total
Post weight used for pull-ups and handstand experiences to comments.

MWOD#66 = Front Rack Wrist mobility

Coaches Notes: Handstand skill work should be approached with common sense. If you can not yet do competent handstands do not do the shoulder touches. The need is to practice handstands before moving on to more advanced work. The wall span shuffle is the distance from the rowers to the medicine balls and back (would count as 2 reps). Shoulder touches are alternating briefly touching your same side shoulder with your hand. Normally the handstands against the wall only permit the feet to touch the wall, for the inverted toes to floor brace the hips and lower back against the wall and slowly lower the feet to the floor and return them up to the wall.
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110726 – Back Squat, C&J Doubles, Sled Drag

Aaron teaches "Hip Drive" for the Back Squat

A. Back Squat 5-5-5
Compare to 110615

B. 10 Doubles of Clean&Jerk using 80%1RM, perfect form, could pace as double on every minute

C. 200M Sled Drag, not timed, weight of choice

Post loads for Back Squats and experience for the rest, to comments.

Picture shows Aaron teaching “Hip Drive” for the Back Squats, to Jordan in Foundations 2.

Video: The CrossFit Games are THIS weekend and “Lindsey Smith is Ready“- [wmv] [mov] Courtesy of CrossFit.com.

Overheard at CFR: “I was sold 20 minutes into my first foundations class… Aaron knew everyone’s name. I went to a gym for 7 years and nobody knew my name.”

Mobility: MWOD#64 = OHS position
TEST/RETEST standing with arms straight overhead
1) OHS Postition – Lie on back with butt and feet against wall in squat position, think butt to heel and feet flat with toes pointing up, elbows drive knees out, contract/relax 5 sec on/10 sec off, move feet wider, repeat; Reach arms up onto ground, spend a couple minutes in this OHS position with arms overhead.
2) Hip Capsule stretch – On hands and knees with foot outside opposite knee, press hips left and right to find tight spot, 1 min per side
3) Shoulder Capsule stretch – Band over pull-up bar, grab both ends with one hand, palm facing up, opposite hand pulls down, bend at hips, same side leg back, move laterally away from that arm, 1 min per side
4) Lie on back, double tennis ball on 2nd rib (trap area), Lift hips, extend same side arm overhead and close to ear, move arm up and down, 1 min per side

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110725 – HPSnatch, DH Pull-ups, SB Runs

Busy Teen Class


A. Hang Power Snatch 3-2-1-1-1
Compare to 110613 (3s) or 110425 (1s).

B. Dead Hang Pull-up work – Unbroken Men-12-10-8, Women-9-7-5
Scale numbers as needed, or do negatives (no bands)
C. 400M Sand Bag carry, then 400M run, recover then repeat. Use SB of choice, not timed

Post loads for Snatch and experience for the rest, to comments

Coaches notes: This week we want to reinforce proper form and technique so that these qualities are not lost in the quest for speed. Aim for perfection of form even if you go a little slower or take a bit more rest. We will not be scoring anything by time this week. -Aaron

1) on back, butt and feet against wall, foot out, inside of foot against wall, opposite foot on outside of knee, contract/relax, repeat, 1 min per side
2) Sit with glute on tennis ball, cross ankle over opposite knee, 1 min per side (good after a long drive)
3) Psoas stretch: samson stretch but reach up and back to grab pull-up bar, 1 min per side
4) Lie on back, leg straight up wall, turn foot in and out, press inner knee towards wall, 1 min per side
5) Couch stretch, 1 min per side
TOTAL = 10 minutes

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110723 – Team Murphie

Blair - Weighted Vest Push-ups

10am: “Team Murphie”
In teams of 4:
1 mile run w/ball
200 Pull-ups
300 Push-ups
400 Squats
Repeat 1 mile run w/ball

Coaches notes: For each 1 mile run, your team has to carry two medicine balls, alternating as you all run together; for the calisthenic work, accumulate the numbers with 2 working at a time; Finish all 200 pull-ups before moving on to push-ups, etc.

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